Achievements are earned by doing things that can be easy or hard to do. Getting them can grant you pocket points, which are used to unlock weapons. They may be based on score, combo, and other feats and can be obtained by playing certain game types.

All Viva La Turret achievements give 0 pocket points due to their price. PP-Pocket Points

List of achievementsEdit

That's Gonna BiteEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Ice Blast! Freeze nearby enemies in their tracks, then ram into them and shatter their dreams! Also their bodies, which housed their dreams.

That's Gonna HelpEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Bubble Shield! It's a portable nuke - great for getting out of a tough spot or keeping a combo alive!

That's Gonna SuckEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Vortex pickup! Bounce the orb into position, but don't get caught in a black hole instead.

That's Gonna HurtEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Spike Shield pickup! Dots will retreat in terror from your pointy fury!

That's Gonna StingEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Lightning pickup! Lure them in close, then set off a chain reaction.

That's Gonna BurnEdit

0 PP

You unlocked the Burnicade! Use it to blaze a trail of burning justice across the arena.


0 PP

Unlock a new weapon! Accumulate 2.5 million points in the Viva la Turret gametype.

Highest Combo ConceivableEdit

5 PP

Wow, mom! You beat the game!

We liedEdit

5 PP

This is an example of a better combo.

The Meaning Of LifeEdit

5 PP

42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We just saved you a lo of googling.

Our PityEdit

5 PP

You didn't last 5 seconds. You have literally earned our pity.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the combos assist the score, there is a required score to make sure the combo is correct:
  • 200 for Highest Combo Conceivable
  • 2,600 for We lied
  • 11,004 for The Meaning Of Life
  • 61,000 for Happy Combo Centennial
  • 274,344 for Arbitrary Combo HEUEHUE ONEY WAS HERE
  • 543,000 for Tonight We Dine In Heck
  • 1,500,000 for Combo Mambo, which is enough to earn God of Tilt
  • 2,947,000 for Genghis Khan-bo
  • 6,000,000 for Milleni-ambo, which is enough to earn Another Friday Night Alone
  • 10,738,784 for 1337 H4X0RZ
  • 1337 H4X0RZ is the only achievement using leet(hacker speak) for translation, and its normal form is LEET HAXORZ.