"Lure them in close, then set off a chain reaction."

Lightning is an orb achieved after earning 120 award points. It appears as an orb flashing between blue, black, and white, and featuring 
a white lightning bolt. When collected, the player will be modified with a small blue ring around it with three sparks of electricity shooting out of it. and will be turned invincible for 2-5 seconds. When the Lightning is ending, it will flicker and disappear. When collected, the screen will darken and parts of the screen will be filled with static until the Lightning has finished. This orb affects dots in a way that they will be frozen in a spot and electrocuted, whilst other dots will sometimes collide with the stationary dots and become electrocuted themselves. This starts a chain which can go on forever. This is one of three orbs that modify the player itself. When equipped, lightning gives the player an automatic 6 points.


  • Two Lightnings: Chaining two Lightning orbs will increase the time until it wears off
  • Spike Shield: Combining Lightning with a Spike Shield will not affect either.
  • Bubble Shield: Previous Bubble Shields will last through the duration of Lightning.
  • Perforator Turret: Using a Turret while in Lightning will get rid of the Lightning.

Achievements requiring the Lightning orb:

Super ConductorEdit

Reward: 20 Pocket Points

"Woo, Woo! All aboard! You cleared 100+ enemies using Lightning. I bet you thought it was a pun about electricity, too. Nope! It was about trains!"