One Man Left is known for putting humorous jokes as loading screens in Tilt to Live. Some examples are shown below.

List of known loading screensEdit

A Test of AmbiguityEdit

Do it. Then we'll... you know.

A Test of Clairvoyance=Edit

Guess how long this screen will be here to advance.

A Test of DevotionEdit

Purchase more copies of Tilt To Live to advance.

A Test of EnduranceEdit

Avoid hazards in the world around you to advance.
A Test of Endurance

A Test of Endurance.

A Test of EtiquetteEdit

Say "please" to advance.

A Test of FinanceEdit

Discover lost change in your immediate area to advance (financially).

A Test of ForgivenessEdit

Let go of an old grudge to advance. ... We can try again later.

A Test of GeographyEdit

Recite the names of all 7 continents alphabetically to advance.

A Test of GraceEdit

Rotate your iPhone clockwise, so the spinning icon appears stationary. Neat!

A Test of Harri SharpEdit

Do you know Harri Sharp? Neither do we.

A Test of ImmortalityEdit

Never delete this app. It makes a great family heirloom.

A Test of InsecurityEdit

Are you in public? You'll look stupid playing this game.

A Test of PostureEdit

The 'Regular' position is recommended by 8 out of 10 physicians.

A Test of PrioritiesEdit

Feed your children first, THEN play Tilt to Live. In that order.

A Test of RageEdit

Become infuriated at the spinning icon to advance.

A Test of RedundancyEdit

You've seen this one already. It's not funny anymore.

A Test of StealthEdit

Hide from your iPhone for several seconds to advance.

A Test of StrengthEdit

Defeat yourself in a thumb wrestling match to advance.

A Test of TalentEdit

Impress the spinning icon to advance.

A Test of TestsEdit

Do the tests seem to be working? Yes they are.

A Test of TranquilityEdit

Relieve a happy memory from your childhood to advance.

Did You Know?Edit

Real nukes have a much wider effective range than ours.

Mind BlownEdit

You actually play the villain in this game. The good guys always win.