Orbs are a form of power-ups in Tilt to Live that help the player in evading and destroying the red dots.


Orbs appear three at a time (four in the HD version), with a new one appearing every time one is collected. The Nuke, Wave, and Missiles are the the three orbs players begin with. Additionaly, the Ice Blast is also automatically unlocked for HD players. Earning Pocket Points will unlock additional orbs. There is a total of ten orbs that can be unlocked, one of which is part of the Viva la Turret expansion for $0.99. 

List of OrbsEdit

  1. Nuke
  2. Wave
  3. Missiles
  4. Ice Blast
  5. Bubble Shield
  6. Vortex
  7. Spike Shield
  8. Lightning
  9. Burnicade
  10. Turret



The nuke should be used to take out dots at close range, but can be fairly useless when dots remain all around you.


The wave may be used to take out dots blocking paths to a pickup, in which case a straight path remains.


These can be used to annihilate up to 5 clumps of dots, decreasing dot count.

Ice BlastEdit

It should be used to stall dots and the affected dots are best cracked with a bubble/spike shield.

Bubble ShieldEdit

Bubble shields can be used like a "second life", and must be kept on as much as possible.


A vortex should be placed several pixels away from the edge, and you may, best with a bubble shield, stay at the edge area nearest to the vortex.

Spike ShieldEdit

Eliminate dots as much as possible and use a pickup frenzy to keep the spike shield.


Make several groups before using it, and take a similar usage like the spike shield.


Barge through as many dots as possible, or aim for another powerup.


Take a similar usage to the spike shield, but, as you remain stationary, there will be no frenzy.