For the currency used to unlock orbs, see Pocket Points.

Points are a form of score used in Classic, Code Red, Frostbite, and Viva La Turret.There are several different ways of earning points:

  • Killing dots- 1 point × multiplier(Frostbite)
  • Activating Nuke- 3 points
  • Activating Wave- 5 points
  • Activating Lightning- 6 points
  • Activating Ice Blast- 10 points
  • Activating Missiles- 10 points
  • Activating Vortex- 10 points
  • Equipping Bubble Shield- 10 points
  • Equipping Spike Shield- 10 points
  • Killing dots- 10 points(Classic and Code Red)
  • Killing dots- 10 points × multiplier(Viva La Turret)
  • Combos- (n × n6) points(n is the combo e.g. 200x)(Classic and Code Red)
  • Activating Burnicade- 2,000 points

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