Tilt to Live and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous both have original music for each of its different game modes. Both soundtracks have been made available by One Man Left for purchase on its Bandcamp page.


The cover of the Tilt to Live soundtrack.


The cover of the Tilt to Live 2 soundtrack

Tilt to Live: Original SoundtrackEdit

  1. French Fried (Classic Theme) - Steven Paul Glotzer
  2. Code Red - Whitaker Blackall
  3. Frostbite - Whitaker Blackall
  4. Viva la Turret! - Whitaker Blackall

Note: The Gauntlet theme is unavailable on the soundtrack.

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous SoundtrackEdit

  1. Assume the Position
  2. Dot Dot Dot - Classic Mode
  3. Classic on Crack - Code Red
  4. Boss Fight!
  5. Epic Laser Swords
  6. Epic Laser Swords Strike Back
  7. Return of the Epic Laser Swords
  8. Undercover Arrow


Tilt to Live Soundtrack (One Man Left) -

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