"Dots will retreat in terror from your pointy fury!"

Spike Shield is an orb that is unlocked after reaching 90 award points. When unlocked, it will appear as a dark blue circle with spikes receding in and out. When collected, the player with turn into a large spike-ball and will be invincible for 5-8 seconds. When nearkng the end of the collectable, the ball will flash red 3 times, the spikes will stop spinning, but the player will still remain invincible until the blue ball has dissapeared. The red dots in the arena will run away from the player. If the player collected a Bubble Shield before or during the Spike Shield attack, the player will still have the shield after the Spike Shied has ended. Combining Lightning with the Spike Shield will not do anything to affect each other. Collecting another Spike Shield during another will increase the time until the orb wears off. This is 1 of the 3 orbs that affect the player itself. Upon equipping a spike sheild, the player receives an automatic 10 points.


  • The spike shield is among the most powerful pickups
  • There is a glitch where the Spike Shield will remain red. It takes effect when collecting a spike shield when the ball is red.